Overwhelmed with your job search? Need help figuring out what to do next?

Make a Plan for Your Degree and Success

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>> [01:45] Why you should design a plan for your degree.


>> [08:18] The importance of clearly defining your goals for your degree and career.


>> [12:29] Questions to ask yourself as you build your plan.


>> [14:17] Skills you will need to succeed in graduate school and beyond.


At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

•  Recognize why it is important to make a plan for your degree.

•  Describe the importance of clearly defining the goals for your degree and work afterwards.

•  Identify the important skills you will need to succeed in your graduate degree and beyond.

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Questions to Consider


1. Why is it important to make a plan for your degree?


2. Why is it important to identify your end goals when you make a plan?



1. Make a plan for your degree. Start by identifying the requirements of your degree and their timelines. Then, identify any other priorities you will have while you complete your degree, such as family responsibilities and your job search. Outline a plan for your degree, including timelines for when you will complete your requirements and job search.


2. Make a list of the skills you need to develop the most during your graduate degree. Schedule time in your calendar to watch the skills videos in this Module to get you started.

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Making a Plan for Your Degree and Success

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