Overwhelmed with your job search? Need help figuring out what to do next?

How to take the uncertainty & overwhelm out of your job search

Get Unstuck and Move Forward in Your Job Search

Are you a busy master’s student juggling intense coursework, internships, and applying for jobs? 

Are you eating dinner in front of the computer again, wondering how you can possibly search for jobs, network, and apply to positions while completing your masters?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about job searching during and after your master’s you’re not alone. But there is a way out. 

What you need is an effective job search strategy and a plan to help get you there. 

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Based on hundreds of hours of research, we’ve identified specific stages that every masters student or graduate MUST go through when job searching after their degree. This tool will help you identify what stage of career advancement you are at and provide you with 3 concrete steps to take next. 


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With a plan and effective job search strategies, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more confident knowing what steps you need to take to build your future career.

Get paid for your skills and education, without wasting time on failed job search strategies.