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“All the trainings have been awesome. The concrete steps are the best - using the STAR strategy to make impact statements, which kinds of industries are growing or declining, where specifically to find people to network with. I like concrete action items so I can end the call and know exactly what to do now.
Master's student
“The holistic approach of the grad school process and job searching, and keeping job search in mind from the start. I'm in the second year of my Masters, and I wish I had had this info when I started!
Master's student
“I’ve had so much anxiety about this process and this 45 minute training has imparted so much wisdom. I feel like I have the wise parent who has my back. I feel more grounded for the first time in months. The way you translated things into the most digestible words was magic.”
Master's student

Beyond Graduate School is a one-of-a-kind, online platform that helps master’s students make the most out of their investment and build their careers. From video lessons on career exploration, to writing application materials, to interviewing and negotiating for that next career step — Beyond Grad School helps master’s students through each stage of their job search.


Beyond Grad School’s unique curriculum is designed by learning specialists and experts in career development. Our programming is research driven and proven to support master’s students in building their careers.

Master's students are worried and overwhelmed


Take out federal student loans. Average debt is $66K.


Lack foundational knowledge about job searching.


Can not confidently identify their value to employers.


Are uncertain about their careers and futures.


Experience depression and anxiety, 5x the rate of the general population.


When master’s students struggle on the job search and fail to secure employment in their field of interest, they blame their degree and institution.


But it’s not their education that’s failing them; it’s their lack of job search strategy. They don’t know how to conduct a successful job search and they aren’t finding the support they need.

"It's not their education that's failing them; it's their lack of job search strategy."


The reputation of an institution and, in turn, its long-term financial stability are directly connected to alumni career success.

Master’s students need support leveraging their education into career paths they value.


That’s why we partner with 50+ institutions, to provide scalable, research-driven career resources designed for the unique needs and demands of graduate students.

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Career Training Platform

Through our digital platforms, we provide scalable, research-driven career training designed for the unique needs and demands of graduate students.


Beyond Grad School’s Career Training Platform helps master’s students leverage their education and training; discover their values and articulate their skillslearn job search strategies through structured curriculum; and secure employment in their field of interest.

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About Beyond Graduate School

Beyond Graduate School’s mission is to empower graduate students and PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed. Doctoral and master’s students approach their education and job search with different goals and objectives. As such, the challenges facing doctoral and master’s students are unique and require different resources and support. We apply our research to the development of training platforms and curriculum that allow students to explore careers and prepare for a job search with purpose and strategy. Our structured curriculum minimizes a student’s sense of overwhelm and maximizes job search success. Learn more about Beyond Graduate School.