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Beyond Grad School is an online platform that helps master’s students make the most out of their investment and launch their next great career. From video lessons on career exploration, to writing application materials, to interviewing and negotiating for that next career step — Beyond Grad School helps master’s students through each stage of their job search.


Beyond Grad School’s unique curriculum is designed by learning specialists and experts in career development. Our programming is research driven and proven to support master’s students in launching new careers.

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Beyond Grad School’s e-learning platform gives students the skills, strategy, AND CONFIDENCE they need to successfully launch a career after they graduate.


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Join Dr. Maren Wood in these unique career webinars for master’s students. Designed specifically to support master’s students, you’ll learn how to leverage your degree in your job search, overcome job search obstacles, and job search strategies to propel you career forward. 


Want to learn more tips and strategies on job searching and how to leverage your degree. Read the blog for research and advice. 

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Get tips and strategies for embarking on the next great phase of your career with confidence.

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Institutions can now inquire about access to Beyond Grad School's digital platform for master's students.

Here's how Beyond Grad School supports your goals

Scalable Career Support: Beyond Grad School’s online platform provides a scalable solution for supporting today’s busy graduate student. Resources are available on-demand, wherever and whenever needed.

Improve Efficiency of 1:1 Advising: Our curriculum is designed to complement on campus resources and 1:1 career advising. Assign a module, then meet with your students so you can both make the most out of your time.

One-of-a-kind Informational Interview Library: A space where students can watch interviews with master’s degree holders working in all career sectors.

Increase Student Satisfacion: Research shows career development opportunities are critical to student satisfaction and engagement. Give your students the most up-to-date career resources available for graduate students.

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What it's like to work with the Beyond Grad School team.

After many years in academia I'm starting a new industry job tomorrow! I just wanted to send a thank-you for your help to get there.

I've attended a few of your webinars, talked to you on the phone, I did informational interviews and I worked on my resume. Without these steps, I don't think I would have had the courage and the right tools to actually leave academia.
Associate Director at a pharmaceutical company
My journey from a scared, anxious, imposter-syndrome-ridden job seeker, to a much more confident enthusiastic user experience researcher would not have been possible without Maren’s expert advice and recommendations; supportive but honest feedback; tailored training on translating my skills and experiences into industry language and documents…. and much, much more.

Thanks to Maren, I've found a job and career field in which I'm constantly challenged ad learning, I'm more fairly compensated, and I'm empowered by the plethora of professional opportunities.

If you're considering careers outside academia, I can't imagine anyone better suited to coach and equip you for your job search than Maren.
UX Researcher
I have been following your organization and attending seminars. Thank you very much for sharing your experience and for setting up such a great initiative. I find it really helpful and encouraging. I am confident that there are plenty of options for me out there. Thanks to your programming, I am gathering a lot of information... and creating amazing connections.
PhD Candidate
I’ve had so much anxiety about this process and this 45 minute webinar has imparted so much wisdom. I feel like I have the wise parent who has my back. I feel more grounded for the first time in months. The way you translated things into the most digestible words was magic. Focus on where have you applies the top skills with success.
Webinar attendee
Master's student
Hi Maren, I just wanted to send you a quick message with a big thank you very much for the work your team does!

Before I learned about your company I was a sad and disappointed graduate degree holder -- now and after following your advice (buying courses, attending webinars) for a year, I am finally employed outside of academia and I feel very good about it because I feel like I am doing useful and valuable work.

I will continue following your organization... but for now, I thank you very much and I should say that what you do does help people like me!
Data Analyst
I wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to the team. After attending the virtual conference this spring, I felt like I had the perspective I needed to move from humanities scholarship into the "regular world".

I finished the fall term as a contingent faculty member, but have started the new year in a writing and research position with an executive search firm. I am massively grateful for the perspective I gained through your programming. Thanks, all.
Content Marketing Manager

About Beyond Graduate School

Beyond Graduate School’s mission is to empower graduate students and PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed. Doctoral and master’s students approach their education and job search with different goals and objectives. As such, the challenges facing doctoral and master’s students are unique and require different resources and support. We apply our research to the development of training platforms and curriculum that allow students to explore careers and prepare for a job search with purpose and strategy. Our structured curriculum minimizes a student’s sense of overwhelm and maximizes job search success. Learn more about Beyond Graduate School.

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